Commencement Recognition Ceremony

Friday, May 12, 2017: 6:00 – 7:30 pm

The Lied Center of Kansas





Welcome and Remarks

Graduate Hooding Ceremony

Undergraduate Recognition

Closing Remarks 



• Parking is free in the lots that surround the Lied Center. There is a Grad Ceremony for another academic unit that begins at 2:30 at the Lied Center. However, if you are looking to park your car at the Lied Center before attending the reception at Marvin/Chalmers Hall, KU busses will be running regular schedules before 5:00pm on Friday May 12. Bus routes 11 and 41 will get you to Daisy Hill/The Lied Center. Route information can be found here:
• Please leave all belongings with your family when you arrive at the Lied Center as the staging room will not be locked or monitored after your departure and the seat you originally sit in the Lied Center most likely will not be the same seat you return to. 
• Wear your cap and gown. Your tassel should be on the right side of your mortarboard at this time. Undergraduate students will have a blue-violet tassel and graduate students will have a black tassel. If you are a graduate student, do not wear your hood. 
• Check in no later than 5:15 pm to the Pavilion of the Lied Center (NE Entry identified on attachment).  
• Graduates will need to find their reader card, and fill out any necessary remaining information. You will need this for the recognition ceremony. 
• After checking in, you will be directed to the Pavilion where you will line up by degree. 
• At 5:45 pm, Faculty Marshals (Hugo ShewardTim Hossler) will meet you in the Pavilion and will lead you up to the Lobby outside of the Auditorium where you will wait until the Procession of Graduates will begin promptly at 6:00 pm.
• The Faculty Marshals will lead the procession and direct you to the area where you will be seated by degree. 
• After remarks by Dean Daas and others, the Graduate Hooding Ceremony will take place. Faculty Marshal Hugo Sheward will dismiss rows one at a time to walk to the stage area. Faculty Marshal Tim Hossler will assist you in lining up. 
• Upon the completion of the Graduate and Undergraduate Ceremonies, closing remarks, and the Alma Mater, the Faculty Marshals will direct each row of graduates one row at a time for the Recession out of the Auditorium.



• Place your hood over your left arm and remove your mortarboard and hold it in your right hand. When you are in line, you will hand your degree card to Associate Dean Swann. Your name will be read and you will proceed across the stage where you will be hooded by Vice Provost DeAngela Burns-Wallace who will be assisted by Associate Dean Mahbub Rashid.
• After you are hooded, you will walk across the stage and shake hands with Chair of your Department and Dean Daas. A Photograph will be taken by the Official University Photographer while you are being hooded or shaking hands. 
• As you are walking backstage, please put your mortarboard back on your head and move your tassel to the left side. Backstage, your photograph will be taken by the official University Photographer.  
• After your photograph is taken, you will go back to the auditorium where you will be directed back to the seating area by Faculty Marshall Hugo Sheward




• The Undergraduate Recognition will take place upon completion of the Graduate Hooding Ceremony. Faculty Marshal Hugo Sheward will release rows one at a time. Exit the row and walk to the stage where Faculty Marshal Tim Hossler will assist you in lining up. 
• When you are next in line, you will hand your degree card to Associate Dean Swann. Your name will be read by the School Marshal and you will walk across the stage and shake hands with the Chair of your department and Dean Daas. A photograph will be taken by the official University Photographer while you are walking across the stage. Please move the tassel to the left side of your mortarboard as you are walking backstage where your photograph will be taken by the official University photographer. 
• After your photograph is taken, you will return to the auditorium, where you will be directed back to the seating area by Faculty Marshall Hugo Sheward




• Please enter the Lied Center through the main front doors. There is a recognition ceremony for another unit on campus immediately before our event, so the Lied Center staff will not open the doors until all of the attendees for that event have left the building. 
• Seating is by choice other than in areas that will be roped off for our Graduates, Staff and Honored Guests. Ushers will be able to assist you in finding open seating. 
• There will be a recognition immediately following our event as well. Graduates and the Stage Party will recess out of the auditorium and into the parking lot. Please meet your graduates in the parking lot in front of the Lied Center.

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