Render Farm

The render farm's sole purpose is to off-load rendering duties from local workstations to a dedicated server cluster. It is comprised of 11-Dell PowerEdge R410 and 18-Dell PowerEdge 860 servers, thirty of which are render servers while one serves as a render manager. The R410's have dual Intel Xeon 2.5Ghz six-core processors(12 cores) and 32GB of memory. The 860's have a single Pentium D 3Ghz processor and 2 GB memory. They are all hosted at the Price Computer Center building located at Sunnyside street at the Lawrence campus.

Below are instructions on how to use the render farm. The only 3d application you may use on the render farm is 3ds Max. One-on-one instructions on how to use the render farm are provided per request. Group workshops are offered during the semester. Dedicated workshops in studio are also offered per request by faculty. Please contact us at Marvin Hall 222 if you have any questions.

How to Use the Render Farm

Rendering instructions - Single frame (pdf)

Rendering instructions - Multiple frame Animations (pdf)





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