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Tech Labs, Shops & Support

The School of Architecture & Design maintains over 30 different labs, shops and support centers in which students use software, power tools, state-of-the-art electronic equipment, books, photographic and recording equipment, digital information sources, and many different types of specialized machines.  These support centers, equipment and materials are used by students and faculty in all of the Schools’ departments.

 Robotics Lab in Marvin Studios

East Hills Construction Innovation Laboratory

Various types of computer labs, ranging from open, classroom labs to smaller, specialized teaching/research centers are found in all of our facilities.  Shops for building models and other products by hand are found in Marvin Hall, Snow Hall, and Chalmers Hall. Digital fabrication labs that include the Robotics Lab, 3-D printers, laser cutters are located in Marvin Studios. Our CNC router/milling machine is located in Chalmers.

The East Hills Construction Innovation Laboratory is a 65,000 square-foot facility located in the East Hills industrial park east of Lawrence. It is fully equipped with all of the tools and equipment to prefabricate an entire building. It is used by both the Department s of Architecture design build studios and Department of Design industrial design classes. 

Other labs in Chalmers include a letterpress studio and bindery, a darkroom and alternative print lab, a large-format print lab, gallery, and wood- and metalworking shop.  

Before using any of the support facilities, students and faculty are urged to check the hours of operation, rules and other preparatory information. Information on school-wide computing recommendations, services and standards is provided under General Computing Information.  Details on supported software, equipment and usage policies vary from lab to lab. Use of the digital fabrication centers requires preparation and clearance of digital files in advance.  Several other support facilities limit use to students enrolled in specific classes.  Please consult the primary contacts if there are questions concerning the support facilities and the services provided.

Because the support facilities, their equipment and their operation are paid for with State of Kansas funds and student fees, their use is strictly limited to SADP student and faculty projects associated with classes or research.  Use of the School’s facilities or equipment for private, commercial purposes is prohibited.

Marvin Hall

Snow Hall

Marvin Studios

Chalmers Hall

East Hills Construction Innovation Laboratory

Center for Design Research

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